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It's a 3D World

3dworldsmall Follow the UCS   in 3D

If you haven’t aleardy noticed, it’s a 3D world! Well what we mean is, our clients love 3D. Recently we put together some of our 3D piping models made in AutoCAD 2014 using PipeFitPro, for use in Navisworks…

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PipeFitPro 2015

pipefitpro2015 Follow the UCS   in 3D

The new PipeFitPro 2015 is now available and includes a dark toolbar interface, extensive ‘under the hood’ tweaks, and we think it’s one of our best and easiest versions to use!

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AutoCAD 2014

autocad2014a Follow the UCS   in 3D

AutoCAD 2014 compatible. PipeFitPro for AutoCAD 2014 is here with new features and a faster 2D & 3D piping system!

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