Download Page

Refer to PipeFitPro Help documentation for installation
and operation instructions (opens after download).


PipeFitPro 2018 for AutoCAD 2018
Download PipeFItPro_2018.exe (5 MB)
Open AutoCAD 2018 and use 'appload' command to load C:\PipeFitProV5\PipeFitPro2018.fas

PipeFitPro 2017 for AutoCAD 2017
Download PipeFItPro_2017.exe (5 MB)
Open AutoCAD 2017 and use 'appload' command to load C:\PipeFitProV5\PipeFitPro2017.fas


PipeFitPro 2016 for AutoCAD 2016
Download PipeFItPro_2016.exe (5 MB)
Open AutoCAD 2016 and use 'appload' command to load C:\PipeFitProV5\PipeFitPro2016.fas


PipeFitPro 2015 for AutoCAD 2015
Download PipeFItPro_2015.exe (5 MB)
Open AutoCAD 2015 and use 'appload' command to load C:\PipeFitProV5\PipeFitPro2015.fas


PipeFitPro V5 for AutoCAD 2000-2014
Download PipeFItPro_5.0.11.exe (4 MB)
Open AutoCAD 2000-2014 and use 'appload' command to load C:\PipeFitProV5\PipeFitProV5.fas